Saturday, September 2, 2017

Finalist Winner -Readers Favorite International Book Award 2017

I was speaking to a fellow Solstice Author. When she said, "Oh, by the way, Congratulations on the Readers' Favorite Book Finalist Award."  I said Oh yeah? Thanks! LOL,  I have to check into that.
So I checked it out. Sure enough under the section marked Fantasy Supernatural was Nights Arose. Sitting pretty in the Finalist section.  I am a happy Book Momma today!

Thursday, July 6, 2017



Vacation Time!

Beach time
Pool time or Picnic time

any time is a great time to read Nights Arose!

Read the story take a summer reading picture and send it to me and I will feature you in a great looking teaser.
Take a picture on the beach on the deck or veranda. Take a picture on your lanai.
Tropical, city or in between.

Take a look at these great book teasers

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Tellula Gosspher Tells All

Hello Readers!

Give a Hail and Hearty Hello to a lovely lady named Tellula Gossfer.

Having met Tellula while passing through town one day I found she had more than one tale to tell.

Adverse to a curse and a burp I found her very intriguing and asked her to add her story to my blog.
She has more than one thing to say about Arose DuMouchelle. I am very happy to bring you back in time to a fine Sunday in June in the year of our Lord 1693.  Where Tellula tells have invited myself to a lovely brunch with none other than an eye witness to Arose's last reported sighting in Montego Bay.

                                               One full year after NIGHTS AROSE ends.

Headline: Miss Tellula Gossifer Tells all!

Dear Miss Roche,

Thank you for letting me chime in with my addition to your wonderful chronicle.
Finding people who have the knack for irreverent curiosity, digging out the juiciest of tidbits and passing them along to you, is a favorite past time of mine.
Today my guest has the most fascinating story regarding a young woman who has been the talk of the town most recently, Arose Du Mouchelle.

A more ill-fated heiress you would be hard-pressed to find. She is the daughter of Fran├žois Du Mouchelle. A widower. Until Lady Katherine Abbott, formerly of Gloucester, caught wind of his prosperity. Her ladyship came in lock stock and barrel with her two daughters and six cats. She skillfully set off to be me the next Mrs. Du Mouchelle.

The girl, after living with her new mother for only a few months, disappeared! We were told the child, being of gifted circumstance, had been sent abroad for ‘lessons’.

After many years already having seen over twenty summers, she returned home. When Lady Katherine’s eldest married, rumor has it Arose ran off with the notorious pirate, Captain St. James. Her whereabouts are still unknown.

                  My dear readers this is the most scandalous story of the year!

This brings me to the guest I entertained today.

Through delightful happenstance, during a meeting that purely coincidental, I am now in the confidence of a Miss Beatrice Cleary. I have discovered she had a front row seat to what transpired only days before the young lady’s quick exodus from Le Mason Du Mouchelle, based in Montego Bay.

I have invited Miss Cleary here for tea to discuss, before you, my friendly tattlers…what exactly happened that day.“Please come in Miss Cleary have a seat by the window. Have a teacake.” I say with earnest. 

With my Shih-Tzu puppies Molly and Sophie yapping at the housekeeper's heels, Miss Beatrice enters my home. Since having sent a note around inviting her to tea I am, as always, in hopes that she imports herself with more manners then her decade old hat and muddy shoes insinuate.

Afternoon genialities were seen to and after which I got down to the matter at hand.
“Miss Beatrice,” I ask, “What did you see Thursday last of Miss Arose? Inquiring minds simply must know.”

“Well, I sees Arose walking down the center of the street you see.” Beatrice’s bustle squeaked as she shifted in her seat. She continued, “I then spots those no account Murphy boys hawking about. I just knew they was in for some trouble. I sees them glaring at her in her fine frock.”

Miss Beatrice shoved another teacake into her mouth and said, “I runs up to her and tells her –‘that’s Shaw, Faolan and Liam. They ruined more than one ladies good name they has’.”

“My goodness, did she heed your warning?” I asked her divinely concerned.

“Well, you think she would have walked off, but she didn’t. Next thing you know, quick as a wink Missy herself lays out the biggest one, Shaw, on the street. Blood splattered everywhere, but not a drop on her ladyship’s jumper. She bows her head and walks off. Cool as a cucumber that one.”

There you have it, gentle readers! A first account witness to what has taken Saint Anne’s Parish by storm. Where has Arose Du Mouchelle been and what has she been learning? Maybe this will give us some clues as to why she left and why with a notorious pirate. More to come next time…ta-ta for now.

Mrs. Tellula Gossifer