Thursday, June 9, 2016

Tweet attack!!

I am doing some pitches on Twitter.
Using that little hashtaggy thing # a feed,  before a word  140 character tweet that may sell my book to an interested agent or publisher.

I really do not have my hopes set on being picked up on this Pitchmad twitter round. As of now there are upwards of 7200 tweets. And some of those Pitches sound AWESOME! So I'm really just going to wait for the right person to see Nights Arose as something they would want to work with.

This is going to be a tough sale:

 "Who in God's green Earth is this Andrea person any way?"
I hope no one says.

But it just takes one, and I am incredibly stoked about this story. It will get the right representation and who knows maybe the right person to respresent the story will be ME at the end of all this. After all I do rock the world.

So here are some of the pitches I have tried out with varing degrees of success.

#Pitchmad A Cinderella rewrite where a seer loses her mystical amulet one fateful night, the prince is a pirate and the fairy Godmother is a dragon.

I thought is was rather tongue in cheek.

Another is:
#Pitchmad 18 yo seer must find the pirate who stole her powerful amulet before a sorceress espies it and unleashes hell's demons

I have one more to do & I have to make it count!

It's gotta be bam pow, hey everyone check this out! 

I got nothing, or as Bess would say "No ting"
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