Thursday, October 13, 2016

Nights Arose has a Publisher!

So excited to announce that "Nights Arose" has been picked up to be published by Solstice Publishing.

How I got this terrific opportunity:

Simple answer: Twitter! On this ever- morphing social media device there was a trending competition of sorts called #PIT2PUB.

A friend I had acquired through the web whose name is coencidentally enough BILL WEBB. I met him while we were polishing our first 300 words for our respective books.  Well, Bill pushed me to make up a pitch to put into the contest, as he had already done a Pit2pub and got his own publisher. Well under way with the publishing of his own book he promised me to help me make up a sparkling pitch that would "blow their socks off."
While out with my son registering him for college Bill and I sat down for hours and hammered out three pitches to run on July 13th,

Voodoo witchery threathens 17th C Jamaica, its only hope is Arose and the Red Spirit, but she has lost it to a pirate.

Arose's wild heart has lost the Gem of the Red Spirit, unless she finds it a voodoo curse will ball on 17th C Jamaica

The Gem of the Red Spirit can lift the Voodoo curse from the coast of 17 C Jamaica but Arose has lost it to a pirate

All together I received 7 requests for full manuscripts! And on the morning of July 30 I received my first contractural agreement from Solstice Publishing.  It must have been meant to be because at the time I was sitting on the balcony of a hotel room in guess where?  JAMAICA!

So at 9 AM my beautiful man, Michael, came in and saw me celebrating.
We went to breakfast with our travel companions and we broke out the bubbly!
Thank you Bill for making me join in on the PIT2PUB day!
Thank you Solstice Publishing for listening to my story!
Thank you Glorianne, Momma Gloria and Rita and Gerard for breaking out the mimosas and
thank you to my Mike for making me stop dancing on the balcony before I fell off.


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