Monday, March 13, 2017

Chapter 1 Sundown at Cliffside

She crouched on the ledge of a dune. The dying sun's embers lit the sky just before the night arose. The previous hours of her day were difficult and tiresome. She wasn't sure if her queasy stomach came from her boiling blood or the fact she hadn't eaten since morning. The day's close did give her some relief from the evil voodoo and treachery which followed her since that afternoon... "He" would be on the hunt for her, ready to pounce like a feral animal on its prey.
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I am totally in love with this promo. Now with my Arose in place and the 3d image of my book I can safely say I am ready for my next book.

The Witch and the Whispers

Look out for it sometime in 2018 I would guess.

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