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A Big Thank you to the people over at Readers Favorite for some excellent REVIEWS

New Reviews

Nights Arose has some new reviews I can share with you!


      Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite-- 4 Stars 

     Nessarose Du Mouchelle really didn’t like her given name. Too much pretense assigned to such a name. She preferred her father’s signature Arose, or even Rosie to those familiar enough to lay claim to that title. As a clairvoyant, Arose is normally very accurate in sizing up people, but not without the opalescent Gem of the Red Spirit on her person. When her dearest friend Old Bess assures her she will always be protected by the stone, Arose is thoroughly concerned when the stone disappears not long after the abduction of Bess. In order to save her people from the darkness of the demons of hell, Arose needs her stone, Old Bess, and Captain St. James. As Arose struggles to maintain her hold on the Gem of Red Spirit, she learns more about the people in her life: who to trust and who to avoid. When her sister weds the sinister Ambrielle, Arose is forced to make many uncomfortable decisions. 

     Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is a seductive adult fantasy that compels the reader to battle the demons with Nessarose as she strives to understand the actions of her childhood love, Blaze. The language is entertaining and often whimsical in its underlying sarcasm. There are two extremely vivid battle scenes that scream for big-screen attention, complete with the inclusion of a fire-breathing dragon and mystical nuances that would project well in technicolor. I feel that the story’s action balances metaphorically with Arose's emotions throughout, creating a unique plot element.


    Lovely Lisa gave me 4 stars but I still love her review.  Sounds to me like she really enjoyed it, which is my goal in the first place.

Review: Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite 

      Set in Jamaica in the late 17th century, Nights Arose follows an amazing heroine, Arose du Mouchelle, as she constantly combats the efforts of a strong Voodoo priestess to take a coveted jewel, the Gem of the Red Spirit, that has been in her family for generations. Andrea Roche gives Arose strength and intelligence, characteristics unusual in women of that time, so that she can protect not only her family, but also the island and the world at large. Confronting the evil incarnations Morel sends to hurt Arose and steal the Gem, the beautiful young woman is forced to use all the guile she possesses, even to dressing as a man and fitting in on the docks. With an almost Cinderella-like feel, Arose is passed over as the stepdaughter when Harold Ambrielle, brother of the Priestess, marries into the family to force Arose to do his bidding. With swashbuckling action, astral travel, and plenty of exotic locales, Arose and the mysterious Captain St. James have their work cut out for them to save their beautiful island home. 

     Entirely action-packed and with plenty of magic, Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is an exciting and deeply intriguing story. The beauty of the settings and the historical tidbits describing life in a different era add to the dynamic plot that plays out smoothly, although with plenty of twists and turns. Roche uses Arose’s astral travel to fill in the past so that the present makes sense and keeps the action crisp and purposeful. There is so much to this book that it is hard to encapsulate it, but if you are looking for paranormal adventure, romance, action and a strong, beautiful heroine who can take care of herself, this is the perfect book.

Melinda Hills is my own personal hero from now on, 5 stars and my first pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny sticker!

Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite
     In Nights Arose by Andrea Roche, Arose is a girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She has the most noble and most dangerous of roles. As a little girl, she was picked by an old gypsy to be the guardian of the Gem of the Red Spirit, putting the fate of the mortal world in her hands. Only she has power over the gem and hence she holds the key to the Netherworld where demons remain in captivity. Meanwhile, a voodoo priestess employs all the evil tricks in her book to get the gem - she needs its powers to unlock the gates of the Netherworld and unleash evil onto earth. After years in hiding, Arose returns home as a young adult, only to find her enemies still waiting. Arose still pines over a long lost love, but her feelings will have to wait, for the world as we know it will come to an end if the evil priestess is not stopped.
     Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is a captivating tale of a long and hard-fought battle between good and evil. Andrea Roche crafted an engrossing tale with a unique plot that combines time and space travel with magic to bring to life the ultimate showdown between darkness and light and give you a remarkable reading experience. The story is filled with mystery and intrigue that hold strong all the way to the end with plot twists that you will not see coming. Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is a truly memorable read and fans of the genre will have a thrill reading it.

Faridah, Faridah Oh man do I ever need ya, (opinion that is).  I love the way my story is considered engrossing unique and filled with intrigue so great!!

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