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Finalist Winner -Readers Favorite International Book Award 2017

I was speaking to a fellow Solstice Author. When she said, "Oh, by the way, Congratulations on the Readers' Favorite Book Finalist Award."  I said Oh yeah? Thanks! LOL,  I have to check into that.
So I checked it out. Sure enough under the section marked Fantasy Supernatural was Nights Arose. Sitting pretty in the Finalist section.  I am a happy Book Momma today!

Thursday, July 6, 2017



Vacation Time!

Beach time
Pool time or Picnic time

any time is a great time to read Nights Arose!

Read the story take a summer reading picture and send it to me and I will feature you in a great looking teaser.
Take a picture on the beach on the deck or veranda. Take a picture on your lanai.
Tropical, city or in between.

Take a look at these great book teasers

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Tellula Gosspher Tells All

Hello Readers!

Give a Hail and Hearty Hello to a lovely lady named Tellula Gossfer.

Having met Tellula while passing through town one day I found she had more than one tale to tell.

Adverse to a curse and a burp I found her very intriguing and asked her to add her story to my blog.
She has more than one thing to say about Arose DuMouchelle. I am very happy to bring you back in time to a fine Sunday in June in the year of our Lord 1693.  Where Tellula tells have invited myself to a lovely brunch with none other than an eye witness to Arose's last reported sighting in Montego Bay.

                                               One full year after NIGHTS AROSE ends.

Headline: Miss Tellula Gossifer Tells all!

Dear Miss Roche,

Thank you for letting me chime in with my addition to your wonderful chronicle.
Finding people who have the knack for irreverent curiosity, digging out the juiciest of tidbits and passing them along to you, is a favorite past time of mine.
Today my guest has the most fascinating story regarding a young woman who has been the talk of the town most recently, Arose Du Mouchelle.

A more ill-fated heiress you would be hard-pressed to find. She is the daughter of François Du Mouchelle. A widower. Until Lady Katherine Abbott, formerly of Gloucester, caught wind of his prosperity. Her ladyship came in lock stock and barrel with her two daughters and six cats. She skillfully set off to be me the next Mrs. Du Mouchelle.

The girl, after living with her new mother for only a few months, disappeared! We were told the child, being of gifted circumstance, had been sent abroad for ‘lessons’.

After many years already having seen over twenty summers, she returned home. When Lady Katherine’s eldest married, rumor has it Arose ran off with the notorious pirate, Captain St. James. Her whereabouts are still unknown.

                  My dear readers this is the most scandalous story of the year!

This brings me to the guest I entertained today.

Through delightful happenstance, during a meeting that purely coincidental, I am now in the confidence of a Miss Beatrice Cleary. I have discovered she had a front row seat to what transpired only days before the young lady’s quick exodus from Le Mason Du Mouchelle, based in Montego Bay.

I have invited Miss Cleary here for tea to discuss, before you, my friendly tattlers…what exactly happened that day.“Please come in Miss Cleary have a seat by the window. Have a teacake.” I say with earnest. 

With my Shih-Tzu puppies Molly and Sophie yapping at the housekeeper's heels, Miss Beatrice enters my home. Since having sent a note around inviting her to tea I am, as always, in hopes that she imports herself with more manners then her decade old hat and muddy shoes insinuate.

Afternoon genialities were seen to and after which I got down to the matter at hand.
“Miss Beatrice,” I ask, “What did you see Thursday last of Miss Arose? Inquiring minds simply must know.”

“Well, I sees Arose walking down the center of the street you see.” Beatrice’s bustle squeaked as she shifted in her seat. She continued, “I then spots those no account Murphy boys hawking about. I just knew they was in for some trouble. I sees them glaring at her in her fine frock.”

Miss Beatrice shoved another teacake into her mouth and said, “I runs up to her and tells her –‘that’s Shaw, Faolan and Liam. They ruined more than one ladies good name they has’.”

“My goodness, did she heed your warning?” I asked her divinely concerned.

“Well, you think she would have walked off, but she didn’t. Next thing you know, quick as a wink Missy herself lays out the biggest one, Shaw, on the street. Blood splattered everywhere, but not a drop on her ladyship’s jumper. She bows her head and walks off. Cool as a cucumber that one.”

There you have it, gentle readers! A first account witness to what has taken Saint Anne’s Parish by storm. Where has Arose Du Mouchelle been and what has she been learning? Maybe this will give us some clues as to why she left and why with a notorious pirate. More to come next time…ta-ta for now.

Mrs. Tellula Gossifer

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Newlywed Game! Author Version~ Authors on the Podium

Hello and good day everyone,

I am so happy to have not one but two very talented writers from Solstice Publishing with me today as my Authors on the Podium!

A married couple I like to think of the as the Scotsman and his Bonnie Lass.

Stephen St. Clair and Sadie K. Frazier!!

     Being married is rewarding enough but being married to a fellow author must have its own even greater rewards.

     Right now, I would like to challenge you both to an Author version of “The Newlywed Game!”
     If you two love birds can take a copy of my questionnaire and step away from each other for 15 minutes I think we can have a lot of fun comparing your answers on my blog.

     (I know that being away from each other is going to be rough on you but I’m sure you two can make up the time in togetherness later.) 

    I think this is going to be fun.

    Like the Newlywed Game, I am going to ask you both a set of questions. One set pertaining to Sadie and another for Stephen. You will answer the question how you think your spouse would answer. Then we will compare your answer with the one your spouse gave for you.

     There is going to be 10 questions, 5 for each, I want you each to tell me, and the readers your prediction of how many answers you will get correct. Then at the end, we will see how close you are to your prediction.
    Sadie: How many questions do you think you will answer correctly?      4  

Stephen: How many questions do you think you will answer correctly?      3   

And here we are!!   

Bada dum babada bum, bada bum ba bada bum…


  Stephen: Please answer the questions how you think Sadie would answer them:

  •      1-   What is Sadie’s writing Kryptonite?   

STEPHEN SAID:   Too much noise around her/not enough writing energy(or caffeine). Same for me as well.

SADIE SAID:   Doubting myself for sure! Stressing over others will believe in me or say I am good enough (It's not just you Sadie, we have all had that monster over our shoulder!)
 Point     0  (AWW)

  •       2-   Does writing energize or exhaust Sadie?

STEPHEN SAID:  Yes, it does both for me as well

SADIE SAID:   Writing definitely energizes me! At least after we have gotten our Friday night coffee first! Unless I am editing, and then it is exhausting. Sometimes I cry.

Point     1  (APPLAUSE!)

  •       3-  What is the first book that made Sadie cry?

STEPHEN SAID:   Mine- Kindred Souls: Voyage of the Scotsmen. I don’t have one that made me cry. Read one that made me angry because one of the main characters was killed off.

SADIE SAID:   "Little Black Sambo" when my grandma would read it to me. I always felt sorry for Sambo. 

Point     0    (sorry Stephen)

  •     4-  If Sadie could tell her younger writing self, anything what would it be?
STEPHEN SAID:  Write more and wait for Stephen St. Clair and marry him instead! (long story for a different time!) Same for me.

SADIE SAID:   First and foremost believe in yourself! Hold on to everything you write and never be afraid to share your creativity with others.  I wish I would have believed in myself at a much younger age and started this process many years ago!

Point     0   (Oh my, these two are so cute.) <3

  •   5-   As a writer, what would Sadie consider her spirit animal?
STEPHEN SAID:   Black panther-Keeva.  My spirit animal is an Owl(long story as well.) 

SADIE SAID:    "I have a few." Sadie said. "Red cardinals, deer blue butterflies, and dragonflies. If its more recent a black panther visited me in my dreams while writing "The Indigo Prince of Temple Moor"  and she became part of the book."  

Point     1.5   (He gets extra credit for the Black Panther's name)

Stephen's score      2.5  


Sadie, please answer the following questions how you think Stephen would answer them:

  • 1-  Does Stephen hide secrets in his books that only a few people will find?

SADIE SAID: Not as far as the plot. He does have little "messages" or songs throughout his books that only I know that we share a memory between us. 

STEPHEN SAID:   Not secrets per say, I am working on a manuscript that has songs from growing up that have meaning.

Point     1   (A definite point for Sadie for saying there are songs.)

  •    2-  What was Stephen’s favorite childhood book? 
SADIE SAID:      "Enders Game"  by Orson Scott Card

STEPHEN SAID:   Ralph S. Mouse- Beverly Cleary

  Point     0    

  •      3-  What would Stephen say is the hardest scene to write? 
SADIE SAID:   Definitely intimate/sex scenes. He struggles with how soon to make the relationship between the characters advance to that level and when to pull back the heart and wait for just the right moment.

    STEPHEN SAID:  My first sex scene  

      Point     1  (Yes!  Yes!  Applause!)

  •    4-  How does Stephen select the names of his characters?

 SADIE SAID:  He often gathers inspiration from real life or descriptions from the internet then forms his own names from the creative sparks that flow.
     STEPHEN SAID:    I’m pretty much stuck on anything Irish/Scottish.

      Point     0   

  •   5- What would Stephen say is the most difficult thing about writing characters from the opposite sex? 

SADIE SAID:   Getting into the head of and feeling the emotions of the female character.

STEPHEN SAID:  That the character doesn’t sound like a man wrote the female character. 

 Point     1  (Yes!  The judges are accepting that!) 

Sadie's  score      3   

Sadie wins!

I would like to thank my guests on today's Author at the Podium for being such great sports and answering all these crazy questions for me.

I hope they and everyone enjoyed learning more about them!

Now here is more about today's Contestants

  The Newlywed Game 

Author's version

Authors on the Podium!


Sadie K. Frazier is a best-selling, multi-genre writer and first became published in the horror genre.

Her true talent and inspiration, however,  lies within the fantasy realm.

Her debut, The Chronicles of Travelstead: Coven of Ashwood Falls earned her 3rd place in the Preditor’s and Editor’s Poll for 2016.

Coming Soon! The Indigo Prince of Temple Moor and The Cusp of Magic!

She plans to move mountains this year while exploring every single crack and crevice of her mind, to see what she might find.

She would like to grow as a person, to excel as an author, and to help learn through doing both to spread her light to this broken world once again. It only takes one person to bring about change, and she believes that it begins with her!

She is happily married to the love of her life who is also an aspiring published author. She has 5 beautiful kids and 2 grand-babies that she hopes will be inspired by what they are becoming.

She is currently working on her 4th Fantasy Manuscript and hopes to have it finished by the beginning of the summer.

As you read her words, allow your mind to wander, to transport you to a place of magic and across the expanse of the universe; a place that knows no time or boundaries, where your soul may wander free, if you will just believe.

Blurb for The Chronicles of Travelstead: Coven of Ashwood Falls:

 Man-made weapons are sometimes used as façade, to assuage those who would not understand one important truth; that all battles ultimately are fought not with the handle of the sword or by the power of indomitable strength alone, but by the controlling of the rampant thoughts running through one’s own mind.

Diabolical specters schemed in their secret quarters in the garret above, and the fiercely determined foursome devised a plan to vanquish and destroy the abhorrent Lords of the night, as the vestibule below came alive with a conglomeration of gruesome and perplexing creatures of the night.

Join Travelstead, the gothic warrior from another realm, and his unconventional entourage as they fight the battle of their lives and souls against a secret Coven of Witches lurking in the dark, ancient cobblestone passages of the town of Ashwood Falls.            


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Author at the podium! ~ Debbie De Louise

To read more about the very talented Debbie De Louise please check out her blog at:


Welcome all,

Today I’m very happy to be interviewing Debbie De Louise, an author after my own heart, and author of “Between A Rock and a Hard Place”


 Hi Debbie, thank you for joining me today to talk about your work and especially your new book!  I love learning about what makes authors tick... Please tell us!

  •      At what age did the writing bug hit?

That’s a difficult question because I began writing when I was a child. I wrote a great deal of material in my twenties – stories and dozens of novels. I still have those in notebooks and may want to do something with them one day. I didn’t start publishing anything until I was in my thirties, though, when I wrote articles for cat magazines and one of my short stories was published in an anthology. My first novel was published when I was in my forties. I had a period where I wasn’t writing, but I don’t think the “writing bug” ever left my system

  • What was your first writing love: essays, short stories or poetry?  

I’ve written all of those, but I was always more interested in the long, novel-length form. I enjoy writing short stories, too.

  • Do you remember what the first thing you wrote when you said, “I love doing this?"

It’s hard to recall, but I know I was thrilled when my short story, Stitches in Time, appeared in the Cat Crimes Through Time Anthology along with several more established authors. Seeing my work in print in a book was a great feeling.

  • Tell us about your muse, and what inspired you to write your new novel?

I have two novels that will be coming out soon that are part of my Cobble Cove mystery series. I don’t really know what inspired me to write the first book, A Stone’s Throw. I think a few ideas were bubbling around in my mind. I took some of my experiences as a librarian and created a character, Alicia Fairmont, who became involved in a mystery and discovered romance along the way. I like writing that type of book because those are the ones I also enjoy reading. I created other characters in this book, some of who were composites of real life people I’d known and others who I completely made up but used a familiar name.

The old man Mac is known for his special PB&J sandwiches. He was based on an elderly gentleman I worked with at my college library who ate peanut butter and jelly every day for lunch. I named one character after my mother-in-law who passed away the year before and another after a childhood friend who I recently learned passed away, as well.

After I finished the first novel, I was inspired to continue the story and wrote Between a Rock and a Hard Place (published October 2016) adding some new characters and further developing the others. My latest, Written in Stone, that will be released late winter/early spring, is the third Cobble Cove Mystery. The core characters are featured with other new ones, and there are characters who leave the series either temporarily or permanently. The first mystery, A Stone’s Throw, is also being reprinted by my publisher, Solstice Publishing, within the next few months.

  •          What is the genre? 

I consider my books mysteries. Many of my readers consider them cozies because most of the “action” takes place in the small, fictional town of Cobble Cove, New York and there is no explicit sex or violence involved in the stories. A Siamese cat and a golden retriever also play roles in both books. They are not human-like characters, but pets who turn up clues?

  • What is "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" about?

The second Cobble Cove mystery that can be read as a standalone takes place in December as the town residents prepare for the holidays. One of the stores in the quaint shopping area is unexpectedly robbed. On the same night, Alicia believes a stalker is following her home from the library. Incidents escalate when babies are kidnapped and someone is murdered. As in A Stone’s Throw, where some scenes take place on Long Island, there are some scenes in New York
City in Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

  •        Give us an insight to your main character. What does he/she do that makes it special?

Alicia is a librarian and also the co-author of a mystery series. She is a widow in her forties who finds true love after the truth about her dead husband is revealed. During the course of the first book and throughout the series, Alicia’s character develops from one who is a bit shy and unsure of herself to a woman who takes control of her life.
  •   What is the strangest thing you researched for your book? 

In A Stone’s Throw, I spoke with a coroner about the process of exhuming a body after it was buried. In Between a Rock and a Hard Place, I spoke to my vet about how a dog’s barking could be stopped without harming it.
  •          What is your writing style?

I like to put in some humor in my work. Alicia tends to be somewhat serious, but Mac and John come up with a few funny lines. Alicia’s friend Gilly can also be humorous.

  •         As far as book sales are concerned, what have you done to promote your book?

I’ve spoken at several libraries and my local Barnes and Noble bookstore. I publish two blogs that I write regularly. I have an author’s newsletter that is emailed twice a month to subscribers. I’m active on social media – Facebook and Twitter. I’ve had online book tours and hosted Facebook events. I also attend conferences. I’ll be going to the Cat Writer Association’s conference in South Carolina in May and Book Expo America in New York City in June.

  •        What do you think of “trailers” for books? 

If done well, I think they can help with promotion. I have one for my first two books, and my publisher creates them for anthologies and author publicity.

  •           What is your favorite motivational phrase? 

The main line from my first mystery: “Things Happen for a Reason.” Many of the unpleasant experiences I’ve had have been for the best, even if I didn’t realize it at the time. Often, another opportunity presented itself that would not have been possible without having experienced an initial letdown.

  •           How can readers discover more of you and your work?


Website, Blog, and Newsletter signup: (also where they can sign up for my newsletter and read my blog)




Amazon Author page:

Book Links: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (ebook):


Blog site:

 Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview and the best of luck to you and your writing career!


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Character Introductions!

Each Day I am doing introductions of Characters in 

Nights Arose.

Starting out with Sunday I, of course, lead off with 

Arose is the keeper of the Gem of the Red Spirit
She must act as guardian to the gates of hell where the 
demons are held prisoner.
But she has lost it during a one night stand to a pirate she had only
seen in a vision. 
This vision may cost the lives of those she loves to a Voodoo Witches curse.


Monday I introduced
 Blue Fire Dragon
Kindly Old Bess gave her Red Gem to
Arose. She knew full well the child had powers beyond those
the amulet would bestow on her.
When Bess took off her necklace it left her open to the spell that
would turn her into a huge blue fire breathing dragon.

Day 3 Character Introduction

Boo! Boo!She wants what Arose has The Gem of the Red Spirit.
 Why? What will she do with it?

Character introduction #4

Arose's Uncle and Caretaker
Arose became his ward when it became too dangerous for her to stay on the Island of Jamaica
The most wonderful thing about this was watching how their relationship grew.
How he became a better man because she was in his life.
(Children do that do you.)

Character #5

Arose's best friend and nanny sort of speak.
He met her when Captain Edmund sent him to collect Arose from her plantation home.
She stayed with him, under his watchful eye, until it was too dangerous for her to stay on board.
She would never forget him, and he swore to protect her.
But could he let her go when her heart fell for another?

Character #6
Friday's Character

Ever heard of the Wicked Step Mother?
Well, this is her mother.

Married Arose father Francoise Du Mouchelle shortly after the death of her
mother during Arose's birth. Moved in with her two young daughters and three cats. Does she love and care for Arose as she deserved? That's up to the reader to decide.

Character #7
Saturday's Character Captain St. James
A Notorious and Deadly Swashbuckler!

Arose has seen him in a vision or was it a nightmare.
                        She knows him by his aura and his scent made up of Cedar, Iron, and Citrus fruit.           When they finally
meet she must battle him before she can make her escape.

Character #8

The Changeling

His sister the voodoo Priestess has
given him the power to turn into a huge boar at will.
Sometimes part man part wild animal he wants to make Arose
his own personal love slave.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Big Thank you to the people over at Readers Favorite for some excellent REVIEWS

New Reviews

Nights Arose has some new reviews I can share with you!


      Reviewed by Lisa McCombs for Readers' Favorite-- 4 Stars 

     Nessarose Du Mouchelle really didn’t like her given name. Too much pretense assigned to such a name. She preferred her father’s signature Arose, or even Rosie to those familiar enough to lay claim to that title. As a clairvoyant, Arose is normally very accurate in sizing up people, but not without the opalescent Gem of the Red Spirit on her person. When her dearest friend Old Bess assures her she will always be protected by the stone, Arose is thoroughly concerned when the stone disappears not long after the abduction of Bess. In order to save her people from the darkness of the demons of hell, Arose needs her stone, Old Bess, and Captain St. James. As Arose struggles to maintain her hold on the Gem of Red Spirit, she learns more about the people in her life: who to trust and who to avoid. When her sister weds the sinister Ambrielle, Arose is forced to make many uncomfortable decisions. 

     Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is a seductive adult fantasy that compels the reader to battle the demons with Nessarose as she strives to understand the actions of her childhood love, Blaze. The language is entertaining and often whimsical in its underlying sarcasm. There are two extremely vivid battle scenes that scream for big-screen attention, complete with the inclusion of a fire-breathing dragon and mystical nuances that would project well in technicolor. I feel that the story’s action balances metaphorically with Arose's emotions throughout, creating a unique plot element.


    Lovely Lisa gave me 4 stars but I still love her review.  Sounds to me like she really enjoyed it, which is my goal in the first place.

Review: Reviewed by Melinda Hills for Readers' Favorite 

      Set in Jamaica in the late 17th century, Nights Arose follows an amazing heroine, Arose du Mouchelle, as she constantly combats the efforts of a strong Voodoo priestess to take a coveted jewel, the Gem of the Red Spirit, that has been in her family for generations. Andrea Roche gives Arose strength and intelligence, characteristics unusual in women of that time, so that she can protect not only her family, but also the island and the world at large. Confronting the evil incarnations Morel sends to hurt Arose and steal the Gem, the beautiful young woman is forced to use all the guile she possesses, even to dressing as a man and fitting in on the docks. With an almost Cinderella-like feel, Arose is passed over as the stepdaughter when Harold Ambrielle, brother of the Priestess, marries into the family to force Arose to do his bidding. With swashbuckling action, astral travel, and plenty of exotic locales, Arose and the mysterious Captain St. James have their work cut out for them to save their beautiful island home. 

     Entirely action-packed and with plenty of magic, Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is an exciting and deeply intriguing story. The beauty of the settings and the historical tidbits describing life in a different era add to the dynamic plot that plays out smoothly, although with plenty of twists and turns. Roche uses Arose’s astral travel to fill in the past so that the present makes sense and keeps the action crisp and purposeful. There is so much to this book that it is hard to encapsulate it, but if you are looking for paranormal adventure, romance, action and a strong, beautiful heroine who can take care of herself, this is the perfect book.

Melinda Hills is my own personal hero from now on, 5 stars and my first pretty, pretty, shiny, shiny sticker!

Reviewed By Faridah Nassozi for Readers’ Favorite
     In Nights Arose by Andrea Roche, Arose is a girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. She has the most noble and most dangerous of roles. As a little girl, she was picked by an old gypsy to be the guardian of the Gem of the Red Spirit, putting the fate of the mortal world in her hands. Only she has power over the gem and hence she holds the key to the Netherworld where demons remain in captivity. Meanwhile, a voodoo priestess employs all the evil tricks in her book to get the gem - she needs its powers to unlock the gates of the Netherworld and unleash evil onto earth. After years in hiding, Arose returns home as a young adult, only to find her enemies still waiting. Arose still pines over a long lost love, but her feelings will have to wait, for the world as we know it will come to an end if the evil priestess is not stopped.
     Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is a captivating tale of a long and hard-fought battle between good and evil. Andrea Roche crafted an engrossing tale with a unique plot that combines time and space travel with magic to bring to life the ultimate showdown between darkness and light and give you a remarkable reading experience. The story is filled with mystery and intrigue that hold strong all the way to the end with plot twists that you will not see coming. Nights Arose by Andrea Roche is a truly memorable read and fans of the genre will have a thrill reading it.

Faridah, Faridah Oh man do I ever need ya, (opinion that is).  I love the way my story is considered engrossing unique and filled with intrigue so great!!