Thursday, April 13, 2017

Character Introductions!

Each Day I am doing introductions of Characters in 

Nights Arose.

Starting out with Sunday I, of course, lead off with 

Arose is the keeper of the Gem of the Red Spirit
She must act as guardian to the gates of hell where the 
demons are held prisoner.
But she has lost it during a one night stand to a pirate she had only
seen in a vision. 
This vision may cost the lives of those she loves to a Voodoo Witches curse.


Monday I introduced
 Blue Fire Dragon
Kindly Old Bess gave her Red Gem to
Arose. She knew full well the child had powers beyond those
the amulet would bestow on her.
When Bess took off her necklace it left her open to the spell that
would turn her into a huge blue fire breathing dragon.

Day 3 Character Introduction

Boo! Boo!She wants what Arose has The Gem of the Red Spirit.
 Why? What will she do with it?

Character introduction #4

Arose's Uncle and Caretaker
Arose became his ward when it became too dangerous for her to stay on the Island of Jamaica
The most wonderful thing about this was watching how their relationship grew.
How he became a better man because she was in his life.
(Children do that do you.)

Character #5

Arose's best friend and nanny sort of speak.
He met her when Captain Edmund sent him to collect Arose from her plantation home.
She stayed with him, under his watchful eye, until it was too dangerous for her to stay on board.
She would never forget him, and he swore to protect her.
But could he let her go when her heart fell for another?

Character #6
Friday's Character

Ever heard of the Wicked Step Mother?
Well, this is her mother.

Married Arose father Francoise Du Mouchelle shortly after the death of her
mother during Arose's birth. Moved in with her two young daughters and three cats. Does she love and care for Arose as she deserved? That's up to the reader to decide.

Character #7
Saturday's Character Captain St. James
A Notorious and Deadly Swashbuckler!

Arose has seen him in a vision or was it a nightmare.
                        She knows him by his aura and his scent made up of Cedar, Iron, and Citrus fruit.           When they finally
meet she must battle him before she can make her escape.

Character #8

The Changeling

His sister the voodoo Priestess has
given him the power to turn into a huge boar at will.
Sometimes part man part wild animal he wants to make Arose
his own personal love slave.